The Importance of Understanding Sleep Apnea for the General Dentists

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Thu, Jan 25, 2024 – 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST


Shanto Dental Ceramics Ltd – 1445 Charles Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 2S7

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Dentists are often the first healthcare professionals to notice signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea in their patients. These signs can include teeth grinding (bruxism), a crowded or narrow airway, and an enlarged tongue or tonsils. Knowledge of sleep apnea can also explain some of the failures of our prosthetic dental work. We can also inform our patients about the potential risks of untreated sleep apnea, such as cardiovascular problems, daytime fatigue, and decreased quality of life. We, as dentists, also can play a role in the treatment of Sleep Apnea.

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Speaker Bio:

Dr. Edmund Liem has been in general dentistry for 45 years. He graduated in January 1979 from the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He went in private general practice in the city of Nijmegen until 1994.

He moved to Canada in 1994 and is in general practice in the city of Chilliwack, BC, Canada. Since then he pursued his interest in Orthodontics, TMD and Sleep Disordered Breathing; to learn and stay up to date he has spent more than 2000 hours of continuing education on the topics of Orthodontics, Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Disordered Breathing. Since 2001 Dr. Liem has lectured in Canada and the USA on the topics of Digital Photography, Electro Diagnostics, Orthodontics, TMD and Sleep Disordered Breathing (Snoring and Sleep Apnea).

In 2011 Dr. Liem founded together with Dr. Roger Cheung and Arshad Pirani the Vancouver TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in Burnaby, a practice limited to the diagnosis and treatment of Craniofacial and Sleep Breathing Disorders. (

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