Biologic Materials for Pulpal Vitality

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Biologic Materials for Pulpal Vitality


Recent developments in resin technology have propelled the introduction of hydrophilic resins for the evolution of therapeutic dental products. These resins allow for the addition of biologically active components in order to positively influence pulpal health. Besides preserving cell vitality, these new materials encourage dentin bridge formation, and preserve the dentin hybrid layer and restorative processes. In addition, these materials provide a more durable base upon which to place the restoration.


  • Define which resin based materials are hydrophilic and biologically based. In addition, the participant will understand why the use of hydrophobic material for therapeutic purposes is not recommended.
  • List the necessary steps to maintain pulpal vitality (long term) and what animal studies have demonstrated. In addition, the participant will appreciate the interaction between the pulp and medicaments.
  • Understand why previously promoted techniques for pulpal protection often utilized materials that were non-compatible, creating weak interfaces allowing for restoration failure and/or micro-leakage.
  • Appreciate the role that clinicians may play in biomaterials research.


Mark L. Cannon is a Professor of Otolaryngology, Division of Dentistry at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, an Attending Physician at Ann and Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital and a member of the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry. In addition to being the founder of Associated Dental Specialists of Long Grove (1981); he is the Research Coordinator of the Pediatric Dental residency program at Ann and Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Cannon has 40 years of experience in pediatric dentistry and has presented lectures both nationally and internationally. He lectures on many oral health topics including evolutionary oral medicine, the gateway microbiomes, biologic and bioactive dental materials (patents owner), probiotics, and all aspects of everyday Pediatric oral health. Dr. Cannon has humbly accepted two invitations by the Karolinska Institutet, first to the Nobel Forum (2016) and secondly to the Nobel Assembly (2017).

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