Major Advancement in the Science of Precision Digital Bracket Placement.

Vancouver, BC Mar 3, 2023 – Smile Innovations Group (SIG) has entered a partnership with OrthoSelect.  SIG’s network of Canadian dental labs will distribute the DIBS AI service and manufacture the DIBS AI precision digital bracket placement systems right here in Canada.

The DIBS AI software and patented tray design 3D prints extremely accurate bracket transfer appliances that are compatible with any bracket system. The software automates the process of the orthodontic case setups and customizes treatment plans with exceptional ease and accuracy. The AI software has predictive modeling capabilities, while still allowing the practitioner to make custom modifications as needed.

Orthodontists in Canada now have direct access to this powerful tool. Doctors benefit from freeing up chair time, as well as reducing overall treatment time with significant decreases in wire bending and bracket repositioning. The benefits of improved accuracy and time savings typically result in a reduction of 25% or more of the orthodontist’s cost of treatment.

OrthoSelect has spent nearly a decade perfecting digital IDB software and 3D printed transfer trays to bring IDB to a whole new level of ease and predictability. Partnering with Smile Innovations Digital Dental Labs will help doctors grow their practice by simplifying workflow and making their orthodontic clinics more efficient and cost effective. Both companies look ahead to the value this partnership will bring them and the Canadian Dental Industry.

Ryan Williams, Vice President of Sales at OrthoSelect, explained the breakthrough, “Imagine: In only 30 minutes of chair time, your staff precisely places customizable brackets with 3D-printed trays! This has the potential to substantially improve practice efficiency and profitability.”  This partnership is enthusiastically welcomed as Donald Park, CEO of Smile Innovations Group states “We are excited to bring this service to Canadian orthodontists.  Our dental labs look forward to providing this latest innovation in precision bracket placement technology.”

About Smile Innovations Group
Smile Innovations Group is Canada’s leading dental lab network focused on dental laboratory
Acquisitions and building a nationwide dental lab network.

About OrthoSelect
OrthoSelect is a leader in digital orthodontics with the mission to help orthodontists achieve greater clinical efficiency through state-of-the-art technology and provide improved treatment outcomes for their patients.

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