Did you know one implant type requires different scan bodies and different analogs? Keep reading to understand the difference and when to use each one. 

Analogs and scan bodies, what are they? And why do we need them? When creating an implant model, the laboratory needs to replicate the implant position and connection on the model. It needs to be accurate in order for the final restoration to fit perfectly in mouth. Because there are two types of impressions for implants, the systems usually have two types of analog. However, they all represent the same. 

For Conventional Impressions, dentiists must engage an impression coping on the implant before taking the impression. For digital impressions, the dentist will use an equivalent of an impression coping which is called ‘scanbody’. It is a must for either the impression coping or the analog to be fully and accurately engaged in order to produce a model that duplicates the implant position. If you use an impression coping or a scanbody, please include the size/brand and the platform information with your case.   

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